CRM Plus

To provide each customer with an excellent customer experience, Zoho CRM Plus unites your sales, marketing, customer support, and any other customer-facing staff on one platform. Keep your customer at the heart of everything you do by combining business data, customer engagements, ROI, and more.

Customer View

Assemble a thorough profile of each client. Access vital client data, including the person’s name, address, and phone number as well as any sales, marketing, or service correspondence they have received and to which they have replied. View all of the details in a single interface.


Easy and contextual team collaboration

Bring your sales, marketing, and customer care teams under one roof, and use the screen-sharing, audio, and video conferencing technologies to enable seamless communication. Enable your teams to collaborate and provide the best customer experiences possible, whether it’s a marketing campaign, a sales pitch, or a customer ticket.

With interactive feeds, you can quickly generate project ideas by writing a post, tagging the appropriate parties, and then advancing the conversation through comments.

Create specialized groups of employees to manage a certain set of deals, engage in team selling, and more.

To speed up resolution, share client tickets across departments and tag individuals on them.

Omnichannel, Customer Engagement





Automation and process management

Automate and carry out your business procedures in a systematic way. Break down complicated procedures into manageable tasks, distribute them to the appropriate team members, and keep tabs on their progress.

Your business procedures should be automated and carried out in a systematic way. Divide difficult tasks into manageable units, distribute them to the appropriate team members, and keep tabs on their advancement.

Automate order management, deal closing, lead nurturing, and other crucial customer-facing tasks.

Automate crucial customer support processes, including delivery, refunds, and ticket assignment.

Powerful unified analytics

Create reports and dashboards that are simple to understand using business data. View key metrics, display data with charts and widgets, find hidden insights, and reach well-informed judgments.

Make judgments quickly.

Bring your company with you. With the help of a number of mobile apps from Zoho CRM Plus, you can remain up to date on crucial company news, be prepared to interact with clients, and make decisions while on the go.

Advanced AI that handles all the labor-intensive tasks

Zia can quickly retrieve the information you require by searching through the customer data in your CRM. She can take notes as you speak with a potential customer, provide reports and dashboards at your request, and track and alert you to any unusual sales activity.

She may analyze consumer sentiments in incoming tickets, engage in live chat with clients on your website and propose answers from your knowledge base, among other things.

When she spots an opportunity by looking at customer sales history and visitation patterns, Zia will even suggest products to your customers to upsell and cross-sell.

Integrations and extensibility

Zoho CRM Plus may be tailored and expanded to fit your company’s needs. The platform offers a developer platform for creating unique mobile and online solutions and interfaces with a large variety of third-party apps.

Zoho Meeting
Zoho Booking
Google Suite
Microsoft 365
Zoho Sign

Unified administration and setup

Without having to handle each tool in a different tab, a unified panel enables easy switching between all of your customer-facing tools.

You may personalize all of your tools with a Unifed setup.

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